SolidRun’s CuBox-i mini computers are robust low-power machines – small but powerful – providing users with a wide range of applications.


Android TV Box
CuBox-i runs the same Android operating system and user interface environment as smartphones and smart TVs, making it the ideal mini-computer for use as a TV set-top box,

Attaching the CuBox-i with Android capabilities to your television enables you to check email, browse the web, update Facebook and share content on your TV screen. The CuBox-i with Android can also be used as a point of sale terminal, to power digital signage, and for many other practical applications.


Open Source Applications
Bundled with open source SDK, it can be used for multiple embedded usage scenarios. One example is image processing using OpenCL 1.1 GPGPU, and ARM neon extensions. You can install Android or Linux, Python, Perl, compilers, IDEs, and media players – any open source application available!


Entertainment Options

Meet your new entertainment hub! Powered with hardware acceleration engines for playback of 1080p high definition video and complemented with superior user experience when using the well known XBMC Media Center software, the CuBox-i proves to be the perfect entertainment hub. Wired or wireless, CUBox-i can stream, play, serve, and cast multimedia.


Pocket PC

CuBox-i can run Lite Desktop and infinite open source applications, making it the most useful mini computer to carry to meetings and presentations. Simply connect it to a keyboard and screen or projector to access your files and harness the CuBox-i’s impressive processing power.