Smallest Computer Ever

Only 2″X2″ Endless Possibilities.

Fall in Love in 60 Seconds


Green & Quiet

CuBox-i has a low carbon footprint and is extremely power efficient, working silently with no moving parts.



Open Source

Loaded with open source SDK, the CuBox-i mini computer can be used for multiple embedded usage scenarios.



Simple & Elegant

This simple but elegant 2x2x2 inch3 mini-computer comes with a minimal price tag and runs quietly and efficiently.



Always Connected

Wired or wireless, CuBox-i can stream, play, serve, and cast multimedia.




Based on SolidRun microSOM technology, CuBox-i models have scalable ARM processor cores, memory size, GPU cores and other options, stretching them from simple to demanding tasks.



Infinitely Flexible

Unlike single function products, CuBox-i is  totally flexible. You can install Android or Linux, Python, Perl, compilers, IDEs, and media players – any open source application available!